Natural Farming Projects

Natural Farming is a diversified farming system that is chemical free and livestock based. It promotes zero budget farming which deliver many benefits such as restoration of soil fertility, environmental health, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – a prominent strategy to save the planet.

Also known as Zero Budget farming, it focuses on the farmer being able to produce the crop based on what is available in his local ecosystem rather than being dependent on large chemical or organic fertilizer manufacturing factories thus increasing his economic stature. Natural farming uses nothing that is store-bought and primarily relies on ‘Jeevamrut’ – natural fertilisers made from cow dung and urine of native cattle species.

Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai is promoting Natural Farming through knowledge sharing of the traditional indigenous methods and by supporting farmers to practise and implement independently on a smaller or a larger scale. Today, the Arya Samaj is working on 3 Farms in the interior parts of Tamil Nadu and 2 initiatives in the DAV Group of Schools.

Balaganesh CA, B F Tech (Agri)


DAV Natural Farming

Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai

Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai was established in 1914 to spread the message of Vedas and to propagate the vision of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. It was formed with the purpose of improving the lives of its members and general public through understanding the Vedic way of life. Of the many initiatives run by the foundation, the D.A.V. Group of Schools, Chennai is the oldest in the field of education.


In its aim to empower and improve the lives of each individual, society and the nation at large, the Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai continues to take initiatives in the fields of health, education, environment, animal welfare, agriculture and livelihood which align with its vision - HEAL.


The Arya Samaj Foundation, Chennai is currently working on 5 Projects wherein 750 – 1200 trees of fruits and vegetables have been planted. These long term to middle term age plants include varieties of Mango, Guava, Jack Fruit, Papaya, Banana, Amla, Coconut, Drumstick, Green chilli, Eggplant, Tomatoes, Okra, Teak, Castor and many more

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Sri Siddhivinayagar Farm

Periyapalayam(Mr. Sridhar)

Edayalam Farm

Near Melmaruvathur(Mr. Sekar)

Sri Sri Darshan Natural Farm

Somanthangal Village, Tiruvannamalai District(Mr. Chandrasekar )

Herbal Garden

DAV Pallikaranai

SM Fomra Farm

DAV-SM Fomra School, OMR